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Zen ‘RDE’ Mallet

A putter like no other

This new Zen putter features technology with precise micro ridges that improve dispersion by up to 50% and making it the most accurate putter face in golf. Just as importantly it still features the Zen aperture – a USGA and R&A conforming feature which gives direct feedback when practicing your putting.

Zen ‘RDE’ Mallet

The Zen aperture can be used together with a series of training routines to rid you of the demons in your putting stroke. To begin, simply place a ball into the club head and gently groove a short steady stroke, without releasing the ball from the aperture. As you quickly get a feel for the smooth action required, you can then practice ‘releasing’ the ball to the hole. It’s amazing how much you learn from just a couple of minutes with these exercises, but obviously the more you practice the action, the more it will benefit you on the course.

Once you’ve got the hang of those simple drills, you can go a step further and try the ‘Tracker’. Once again you need to place a ball in the aperture, but then address another in front of the putter face. By maintaining the same stroke you’ve been practising, you can now learn more about the acceleration and path of your stroke. This Zen putter provides instant feedback, and brings a lot more fun to your putting practice.

Furthermore, with Zen putters fully conforming to USGA and R&A regulations, these putters are completely legal for use as your putter out on the course, so it needn’t be just a training aid.

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