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The technology to hole more putts

Designer Harold Swash used video technology to develop the science behind these beautifully weighted putters. By analysing the behavior of the ball off the clubface Swash perceived that almost all putts get airbourne, before hitting the surface with a skid sending numerous putts off line. By developing the C-Groove system Swash was able to promote an over the top spin action, and get many more putts on target.

Yes! Golf Putters

With the C-Groove, Yes Golf putters momentarily grip the surface of the ball generating top spin to reduce it from hopping or skidding off target, ultimately improving accuracy – something we’d all love to do. With the benefits of C-Groove clear to see, Yes Golf have designed a wide range of putters to suit all tastes, each with a lovely weight and almost guaranteed to improve your confidence on the greens.

Furthermore all Yes putters can be custom fit to ensure a perfect match with your setup and stroke. Visit the Yes! Golf website for full details of their Custom fitting centres.

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