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Sunice Skins & Jackets

Wrap up and get golfing

We all know it can be tough to continue playing regular golf through the autumn and winter months, but provided you’ve got the right gear it’s worth the effort. Many golfers struggle if they wear too many layers, or if they’re so cold they can’t swing properly, but with the correct equipment everyone can beat the weather and Sunice have the answers.

Sunice Skins & Jackets

Compression skins have long been worn for skiing or boarding to regulate body temperature and enhance muscle performance, and you don’t even need to be fighting fit to see the advantages. These skins apply a balanced and accurate level of pressure on specific areas of the body, to trigger an acceleration of blood flow which thereby increases the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. This in turn also reduces the build up of lactic acid and promotes quicker recovery. Altogether these Sunice skins keep you snug and promote improved performance.

Sunice have a proven track record combining technical materials with stylish design, so get yourself a set of these Sunice skins and together with the right outerwear you’ll be more comfortable than you’ve ever been in the cold.


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