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Flightscope Launch Monitor

Hit shots, great feedback, better golf

If you want true detailed feedback about how you strike a golf ball and how changes in your equipment could help your game, look no further than a Flightscope Kudu Launch monitor.

Flightscope Launch Monitor

As you’ll see from the attached screenshots, the Flightscope Kudu provides an extensive set of measured parameters for each golf shot. It measures the true 3-dimensional trajectory of the ball flight using radar technology, as well as the club speed, ball speed and highly accurate spin rates. This data is presented in a user friendly interface, allowing anyone from an amateur golfer, professional golfer or experienced club fitter to learn more about their game, or make equipment changes to further their ability.

Ever wondered how much advantage you gain from increasing your swing speed, or wanted to know a precise average distance of your wedges or longer irons? The Flightscope Kudu provides you with all this information helping you become a better golfer. Flightscope also offers a Driver Optimizer which calculates optimal launch factors for each particular swing. It is therefore an essential tool for any custom club fitting.

At Luna Golf, we’re pleased to work with MIA Sports Technology who promote and distribute Flightscope Launch Monitors throughout Europe. If you are interested in purchasing a Flightscope system we would be pleased to give you a full demonstration. Simply drop us a line using the Contact Details at the foot of the page.

Following significant demand, we’ve added a more detailed post about the Flightscope Kudu here with numerous screen shots, so it’s well worth a look

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  1. bob on 04/04/09

    wher can I find a flightscope launch monitor

  2. Alan Keith on 13/06/09

    Can you tell me the cost of flightscope and if the nearest site to Glasgow.

  3. scott on 05/11/09

    how much does this system cost?

  4. Handheld GPS Review on 11/05/11

    Flightscope is really an essential tool for custom club fitting. I wonder how much will it cost.

  5. tv licence phone number on 04/08/11

    Flightscope Kudu Launch monitor is a trusted gadget to see the detailed feedback about the golf strike. Perhaps it’s only a gadget or program but it surely gives you 100% of your real strike. I admire this thing so much.

  6. Dave Tanner on 06/09/12

    A friend went to see Lee Porter in Essex and had a go on his Flightscope. Wow, this thing is a neat bit of kit. Very impressed at all the readings, including smash, etc. you can get from this device. Out of interest, does this track the ball the whole way or estimate from the initial strike?

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